Twofer Tuesday Poetry: Anguish & Hope and Wait


She dreams of a way to go on
Despair takes hope away
She has the strength to persevere
But she has lost her way

She fights the battle ev’ry day
She can’t escape her pain
After all the years of fighting
She wonders if she’s sane

No one can save her from torment
Only she can break free
You can support and be with her
Show her reality

She won’t need your love, but it helps
It can offer comfort
The mad world is constant fire
She values your effort

Hope and Wait

I want to tell her how I feel
But sometimes I can’t find the words
I want her to know I’m here for her
I don’t want her to be alone
Is silence the right thing to do?
Or should I be more proactive
She’ll come to me when she’s ready
But will she still want me around

I cannot sit here and worry
Being anxious will not help her
All I can do is wait and hope
The kind of hope found in your dreams
There’s no one that I care for more
No one else I want to be with
I know that she is worth the wait
Even if it’s ten years or more

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

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