Twofer Tuesday Poetry: Perceive Life & The Only One

Perceive Life

Can you see me?
Am I alive?
I call to you
You don’t notice

Ignored – 
I’m not important
At least not to you
No love for me
From me – 

Can you see me?
I can’t see

The Only One

I remember when I first saw you
Unlike the other women you were
I made it a goal to speak to you
I never caught you at the right time

Few and far between were our meetings
It seemed that it was not meant to be
Years passed, and you were only a dream
I’d never captivate a goddess

Your blue eyes were always in my thoughts
Golden hair like yours would catch my eye
I saw you, but I did not see you
I only saw what I wanted to 

When you came to me, I couldn’t breathe
I did not believe it could be real
If you choose someone else over me
I would not be angry or upset

I may not be with anyone else
I’d compare them to you; they would fail
You’re the only one I dream about

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

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