Twofer Tuesday Poetry: Double Standards & No More

Double Standards

I stopped making sexual jokes
Long ago to avoid other’s anger,
And to act more appropriate.
No one gets upset
When women make sexual jokes.
If I say anything about them
Being inappropriate,
They call me a prude.
It’s best if I never say anything.

No More

We have a disease
In our world – 
An epidemic,
A crisis,
A virus
That needs to be

What is it?

Men – 
The vulgar men
The selfish men
The insecure men
The predator men
And the behavior
They encourage

It takes a
We all
Must work
To teach
Our youth
To avoid
This behavior

No more – 
Creepy stares
Crude comments
No more – 
Groping or touching
Without consent
Without permission
No more – 

Respect – 
Consent – 
It’s okay to say
No – 
We must teach
Our youth
Stop – 

Kill the disease

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

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