Twofer Tuesday Poetry: To Be Alone & When Does the Book Burning Start?

To Be Alone

Where do you go,
When you want to
Hide from the world,
And be alone?
How can you escape,
But not run away?
How do you live the dream?
Surrounded by nightmares?
Where do you go,
To be alone?

When Does the Book Burning Start?

Are we the people
In this democracy
Means nothing
To those in power
Is reserved for the elite
Unauthorized for the poor
Defies society
And confuses the entitled
Is neither live nor dead
Or doesn’t exist
Has no place in the Union
Or the new world order
Would prove the elite wrong
And destroy the fake news
Is a man who denies freedom
To those he claims to govern
Are those who let this happen
When does the book burning start?

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

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