Twofer Tuesday Poetry: To Say It or Not To & Tactile

To Say It or Not To

There are
So many things
To say
And so many
Fears that follow.
I think
Should be
Said – 
I think one letter
Would do it.
I can’t predict
How you’ll
React – 
I don’t know
What your thoughts
Will be.
All I can do is
Wait and hope;
Hope that this
Doesn’t push you
Out of my life.
I need you
In my life
In some way;
Some small way.
It doesn’t feel
Like you need me – 
If I tell you
I love you,
Will you tell me
What you need?


The bartender watches the young couple leave.
“It’s a nice feeling; holding someone’s hand.” She says.
“I wouldn’t know.” I say.
“You’ve never held someone’s hand?” She says.
“No one wants to be that close to me.” I say.
I leave before she can say anything else.

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

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