Twofer Tuesday Poetry: Neckties Are Just Arrows Pointing at Your Dick & Toxic

Neckties Are Just Arrows Pointing at Your Dick

I did this job once
Direct marketing
Which is just a 
Fancy way to say sales
I hated it – 

I had to wear
A button up shirt
Nice pants
And a lanyard name badge
No necktie
“Out in the field”

I went to the office
Dressed as required
Other men
Would have ties and jackets
Which they took off
Before going
“Out in the field”

This felt counter-productive
Why put it on
Just to take it off

They asked to see me
When I picked up my first check
“You’re doing well”
“Keep it up”
All that jazz

“Do you have a tie”
“You need to start wearing it to the office”
I didn’t go in the next day

They didn’t make the women
Wear ties and jackets

I don’t understand
How a necktie
Makes you look
More professional
Than having no tie

They’re uncomfortable
And inappropriate
Just a pointer, a beacon
For your crotch

Are you so insecure
You need to draw attention to it

Neckties are ridiculous
And the world
Doesn’t need them

Bow ties are cool


If you seek power over others
If you seek to own others
If you seek control over others
You’re not a man
You’re a sociopath
Women can be sociopaths too
Sociopaths are the rapists
The racists, the ravenous
Consumers of society
Do not let their behavior

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

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