Flashback Friday Poetry: Family Life

as time goes by
i start to see
why my life
was so empty

in the past
when it all began
my parent’s marriage
had been a sham
my mother cared more
for strangers she met
than she did for my father
when they went to bed

as years went by
my family grew apart
my sisters had left
and my mother was gone
my father had found
a new woman to be with
for a short time
she was also his mistress
for a few years
we moved around
it seemed she had played him for a fool
my father had found

we got passed the hell
that had the form of a woman
and after a while
my father was opposite of a Mormon

in all these experiences
i had no one to share
i was all alone
but even more so scared
scared of the fact
that i could die this way
tired and alone
for the rest of my days

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

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