Twofer Tuesday Poetry: Coffee Creativity & Hashtag Religious Cult Leader Problems

Coffee Creativity

Most of my creativity
Has happened in coffee shops
I can never work at home
I never feel comfortable
Sometimes silence is nice
But the ambience
Of a coffee shop
I can’t explain how I
Block out the noise
But can’t block out
Noises in other places
I think it’s the coffee
Something about the beverage
It calms me and helps me create

Hashtag Religious Cult Leader Problems

Why is it so hard
To find virgins over
The age of thirteen
If I wanted to
Make a blood sacrifice
To my evil demon gods
I’d have to kill a child
And that goes against
All my values – 
I’m fine with killing
An adult because
Adults are stupid
Children haven’t learned
To be stupid yet – 
I might be overthinking this

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

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