Twofer Tuesday Poetry: Hostile Work Environment & Confession

Hostile Work Environment

It’s the hustle and bustle

Some have 3 jobs

No one works at one
Job for twenty years

You need a couple
To get by

Jobs that don’t pay well

They drain your spirit
Your soul
Your creativity
Your life

It’s survival

The hustle and bustle

The economy will kill you


Today is a bad day
I’m struggling
I keep going to
Negative places
Dark places

I need you to know
I’m in love with you
I know you’ll never
Feel the same for me
But I know you care about me

I couldn’t say this
In person because
I’m afraid you won’t
Want to see me anymore
So I don’t cling to you

I also think nothing
Can come between us
I believe that you care for me
I trust you – To me
Trust means more than love

It will be a long time
Before I trust someone
As much as I do you
But I want you to be happy
Even if that means
Not being in your life
But I hope you’ll let me

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

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