Throwback Thursday Poetry: Victims and Liars

so many things you couldn’t achieve
so many things you couldn’t receive
all of these things you cannot believe
all of these things you cannot conceive
looking upon you, they all deceive
they all lie to you; you are so naive

how can someone be so naive
how could they possibly achieve
you are the one they do deceive
torment is all that you receive
is this all too much to conceive
is there anything you believe

not much left to believe
you cannot be so naive
all the wrongs you must conceive
you must learn what to achieve
the knowledge you must receive
so that they cannot deceive

they feel they must deceive
to make you all believe
these lies you all receive
so many are naive
there’s nothing to achieve
when you cannot conceive

you never conceived
you’re always deceived
you cannot achieve
you cannot believe
you are so naive
torment you receive

all you receive
that you conceive
you’re too naive
they all deceive
you can’t believe
nothing achieved

anything received can deceive
all you conceive you can’t believe
you are naive; you can’t achieve

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

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