Coffee and Contemplation: What’s with All the Stuff on this Blog?

I’ve posted all kinds of things on this blog. I’ve shared some knowledge and holidays and tips. It’s been a while since I’ve talked to my readers. I wanted to share and explain some of these segments on this blog and why I do things the way I do. I considered that maybe others read or like the posts but don’t know what all the titles mean. What’s the difference between Poetry Monday and Throwback Thursday Poetry? Once I’ve explained it all, I wonder of which things my readers will want more. What new things should I share?

I’ll start with the poetry segments. Poetry Monday and Tuesday Poetry are the days I post poems from my newest works. These are the most recent published poems. Throwback Thursday Poetry and Flashback Friday Poetry are poems from many years ago. Most of them were written between 2002 to 2014. After I’ve posted a poem as a throwback or flashback, I feel the need to retire them from the blog. The older poems are not always the best. Now and then I’ll have special segments such as my Protest Poetry this month and Caturday Poetry back in April.

I started Wacky Wednesdays because I had found several lists of words that felt strange and unusual and I wanted to share them. I added the holidays shortly after to give the posts a little more depth. This segment, Coffee and Contemplation, is intended to be about have some coffee and discussing a topic of some kind. I don’t think I always write the posts in that manner, but I enjoy the title regardless. Perhaps I expand this to an actual discussion among a small group of people.

I’m always thinking of new things to post about on this blog and sometimes I struggle. I plan to figure what it is I’m doing with the novels I’ve focused on reading. It’s helped me get a clearer image of my own writing. What I want is to have a post about each of the books I’ve read on this journey. Nothing extravagant. A quick synopsis and the things I took away. I don’t want to write in depth literary analyses about each novel. I’ll get bored of that too fast. Maybe I’ll get to that point. Maybe I’ll find something else to write about. One thing is certain, I’ve focused on this blog and have slacked on my fiction writing. At least I’m writing something.

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