Wacky Wednesday: September 9

Hello all you wacky people. We’ve got some exciting new things for today. Our first word today is a noun which derives from Scotland and Northern England. Oxter is a person’s armpit. I don’t know any way to use this term other than to insult someone without them knowing. Our next word is a rare adjective. Pauciloquent means using few words in speech or conversation. You could use this to describe your quiet, shy friend. I am still on the lookout for more strange and wacky words. If you know any, please share them in the comments.

Let’s start the holiday section with our token food holiday. Today is National Wiener Schnitzel Day. If you don’t know what that is, it’s like an Austrian corndog. Veal is salted and breaded then deep-fried. There’s a law in Austria requiring the dish to be made with veal though it can be made with pork or other meats. The next two holidays go together well on September 9. The first is National Teddy Bear Day. In 1902, President Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub while hunting. It made national news. After a caricature cartoon was published in the Washington Post, Morris Michtom created a new toy and asked the President’s permission to name it the “Teddy Bear.”

There have been many famous Teddy Bears including Big Bird’s bear named Radar, Garfield the Cat’s bear Pooky, Winnie-the-Pooh and Paddington from across the pond in Great Britain, and the Muppet Fozzie Bear. Also, in 1981 starting as greeting cards before into television and toys, the Care Bears. This brings us to our next holiday, Care Bares Share Your Care Day. The main goal of the holiday is to inspire acts of kindness and goodwill. That’s something we all need to see more of in the world. Go out and Share Your Care.

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