Wacky Wednesday: September 30

Welcome to the last Wacky Wednesday of September. It’s another fun filled day of strange words and strange holidays. First up we have an adjective coming from the mid-1800s with Greek and New Latin origins. Ulotrichous means belonging to a group of people having woolly or crispy curly hair. Our next word is both a noun and an adjective, Valetudinarian is a person who is unduly anxious about their health or someone who suffers from poor health. This is similar to the term hypochondriac. It stems from the early 18th century and has Latin origins.

We’ll start things off with our usual food related holidays. Today is National Chewing Gum Day and National Hot Mulled Cider Day. Hot mulled cider is a homemade beverage that involves boiling cider and mixing in cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and many other spices. Today also has some self-care observances. National Mud Pack Day celebrates the therapeutic clay mixtures used for stress release. The last Wednesday of September is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day. Finally, today is National Love People Day. This might be hard for some people. Lift up and motivate others. That’s all you need to do.

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