Coffee and Contemplation: Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. This is important because many people only want puppies or kittens from shelters. A lot of the older animals don’t get a forever home. Many shelters will waive fees for senior pet adoptions or for pets that have been at the shelter for too long. Senior pets are less likely to play and run around like crazy and that’s why I love adopting senior pets. I don’t want to deal with the rambunctious tiny ones. I want crabby old ladies who lay there and judge everyone.

I want to tell everyone about my cat, Callie. According to the shelter adoption papers she is about 12 years old. I think she’s much older than that, but in either case she’s a senior kitty. She likes sleeping, eating food, and yelling at me to refill her water dish. She doesn’t do much else. She’ll lay on my lap and sleep while I watch TV or read a book. She’s a perfect companion for me. So, if you have a lifestyle that’s a little more chill and quieter, try adopting a senior pet. And make sure you get them the right food for their age. I’m not sure about dogs, but senior cats can’t eat as much wet cat food as younger cats. Just FYI.

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