Wacky Wednesday: December 16

The wackiness is a little light this week just as it was last week. Perhaps it’s all the holiday cheer making things less wacky. We have a couple interesting words to add to our arsenal of old English insults. Frist, we have Gowpenful-o’-anything. That’s a mouthful. This term refers to someone who is a medley of everything absurd. A gowpen is the bowl made when cupping one’s hands together. Our next word is Klazomaniac. It’s someone who is only capable of shouting. Some people are loud for no apparent reason. 

Our token food holiday today is a good one. National Chocolate Covered Anything Day means you can cover all your favorite things in chocolate. If you could cover anything in chocolate, what would it be? I recommend only covering food in chocolate for now. Some suggestions include bananas, orange wedges, and ice cream to name a few. Our final holiday is one parents will love. Barbie and Barney Backlash Day is a day for parents to say no to annoying children shows and sing-a-longs or choose to read a different story at bedtime.

The day gets its name from the Barbie Doll and from the show “Barney and Friends” about a purple dinosaur. Often children will want to watch the same show over and over again and this day is for parents to take a break from the many different kids shows out there. I worked in a movie theater for a few years. When I’d clean the auditorium after a children’s film rated G or PG, sometimes I’d find small empty liquor bottles. Parents, this is your day to stop the madness if only for one day. Good luck out there and eat lots of chocolate things today.

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