Coffee and Contemplation: Writing Updates

I wanted to take the time to give all my readers a quick update on some of my projects. In the fiction realm, since I’ve been writing some smaller pieces to post on this blog I’m behind on finishing my novel. No surprise there. I still have about 15 chapters to write but I keep getting more ideas for short stories to include on this blog. I want more content that doesn’t involve searching for holidays to talk about. It’ll happen eventually. The important thing is I’m still writing and don’t plan on quitting. I’ll find my groove at some point.

Moving on, in the poetry realm, I have two small books (or chapbooks) that are ready to go. One of them is complete and all I need to do is choose a publish date and start taking steps. The other has a Halloween theme. I want to find an artist for illustrations and publish around September or October 2021. We’ll see how things go. I haven’t written any new poetry since I completed these projects. I plan to focus more on specific themes for my collections. I think readers of poetry will find more enjoyment from smaller books with more focused ideas.

With the nonfiction posts on this blog, I hope to find other things to write about beyond quirky holidays. I plan to keep the Wacky Wednesday segment with holidays because it is a bit fun to learn about what foods are celebrated. But I want to expand the ideas I share on this blog. I haven’t put much thought into it for now, but something will spark my interest and new content will arise. Will you keep reading for that long? I hope so. As always, I’m open to suggestions. Leave a comment or shoot me a message. I’m curious to see how long I can keep this thing going.

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