Coffee and Contemplation: A Change of Pace

I’ve made a few changes to my blog format to streamline my post scheduling and to, I hope, make things more interesting for you, my readers. By the way, if you’re a fan of mine, I will refer to you as Hellcats. Enjoy this new moniker. I’ve started the Snapshot Saturday posts to feature some of my photography. I have many photos to go through providing me with endless amounts of posts for Saturdays. I feel this is more interesting than discussing the different holidays each week. I will continue to talk about holidays on the Wacky Wednesday posts, but those will be the only posts featuring weird holidays.

Sundays will continue to feature posts like this one. The Coffee and Contemplation posts will have a more specific topic of discussion. Since the title came from the Netflix television show “Stranger Things,” it seemed appropriate to make these posts about supernatural storytelling. Starting on February 21, I will begin discussing the many books I’ve read in order to become better acquainted with the genre within which I wish to write. I’ve read many books. This is not intended to be book reviewing, but a discussion in what elements make for great supernatural storytelling. 

I may expand this to include films and television. But that is a lot of content to cover and I don’t want to put too much on my plate right now. There is also poetry, music, and video games to consider in supernatural storytelling and that is way too much to tackle. This endeavor may become more problematic than I’m expecting, but I will do my best regardless. Next week’s post will be a little more fun before I get into the serious dialogue of my reading adventures. That post was already planned for February 14, so I decided to put off my main goals a little while longer. I don’t think any of you will mind. I hope you’ll join me in these escapades into the supernatural. It’ll be spooky fun.

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