Fiction Friday: The Panel Moderator

This was a fun story I wanted to develop as a comic book to sell at conventions. It was published locally in November 2018 in Tucson, AZ for a used book stored, Bookmans Entertainment Exchange.

Who maintains order at conventions around the world? Who keeps celebrities on topic during Q&A sessions? Who fights menacing villains to protect the safety of convention goers everywhere? That’s right, it’s The Panel Moderator! The Panel Moderator travels the globe attending every convention to uphold Truth, Justice, and Nerd Way of Life.

The Panel Moderator basks in the glory of yet another successful convention.

“Ah, the Exhibitor Hall is lively and energetic this morning.”

“Panel Moderator! Panel Moderator!” A young boy called from far off.

“Hello Billy! How are you?”

“Panel Moderator, he’s back and he’s doing mean things again.”

“Who’s back, Billy?”

“The Photo Bomber! He jumped in my picture with the guy dressed like Batman.”

“That Dastardly Devil! Don’t worry Billy, I’ll stop him!”

“Go get him Panel Moderator!”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Exhibitor Hall, a man in a dark cloak lurks behind a crowd of onlookers as photos are being taken of Storm Troopers. The man in the cloak runs, jumps, and flies through the air covering many of the troopers as several photos are taken.

“The Photo Bomber strikes again! MWAHAHAHAHA!”

“Stop there you Pathetic Plague on Picture Takers!”

“The Panel Moderator! I hoped I had gotten your attention when I bombed little Billy’s photo with that pointy eared dork. Now come and get moderated by the Photo Bomber. MWAHAHAHAHA!”

As the Panel Moderator charged at his enemy, the Photo Bomber opened his cloak to reveal several flashbulbs that ignited simultaneously. With his nemesis discombobulated, the Photo Bomber escaped.

“That Flashing Photogenic Fiend! I must find him before he ruins another innocent child’s photo!”

Will the Panel Moderator find the Photo Bomber before he claims another victim? Will the Storm Troopers be able to Photoshop the villain out of their pictures? Will Billy have another chance to pose with Batman? Keep an eye out for the next installment of The Panel Moderator!

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