Throwback Thursday Poetry: No More Pain

another day of humility
another day of horrible pain
the only thing that keeps me calm
is the thought of stabbing my palm
do you know how it feels
to live in misery
i can’t sleep anymore
it’s the thought of being alone
i have no one here with me
i can’t live with the insecurity

all i ever feel is pain
i can’t make it go away
i dream of feeling loved
but when it comes i try to run
i try to show myself to you
while i hide from all of you
it does no good to pray
Jesus laughs and walks away
my worst fear has come true
i’m alone and i hide from you

no more pain
please no more pain
just take it all away
|i cannot feel anymore
my body lies here on the floor
the bullet hole inside my head
took me down and struck me dead
none of you shall ever know
not until it’s a TV show
at least, i don’t hope so

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

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