Flashback Friday Poetry: Trapped Inside

how i wish i could see
how you all look at me
through your eyes i could learn
and possibly
find my place in the crowd
and what i’m destined to be
but you won’t try to help
your obsessed with yourself
you care nothing for others
your locked in your cell
but i am the one
who is trapped here in hell

i struggle to be
the best i can be
but i seem to get nowhere
nowhere indeed
but it’s you who has nothing
it is not me
i’m searching for something
something to be
and you are stuck
with what everyone sees
i will find my place
even if it kills me

my time is up
i’ve had enough
i no longer think
that i could be what i see
but i won’t give up
i am not in a rut
i am going to be
the greatest thing i can be
and you will be nothing
nothing you see
i am the one
that is destined to be

i hide all the pain
which causes my affliction
i feel i’ve begun
my own extinction
now i try to balance
my emotion with reason
but i can’t find away
to escape from my prison
i’m trapped in my head
with my own worst enemy
i’m lost in my head
for all eternity

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

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