Throwback Thursday Poetry: The Loneliness Disease

fear is nothing to the man who stands tall in front of many
when confronted by thousands he shows his bravery
nothing to hold him back; nothing to keep him still
he stands tall in front of many; you cannot break his will

i fear no one; i fear nothing
these lies i speak, i speak with cunning
no one ponders; no one conceives
my fears inside are destroying me

his fears are caused by himself alone
none are at fault but him alone
when an attempt is made to avoid his nightmare
he does something stupid and causes mush despair

when will i free myself of this childish fear
no one cares about you, that’s all i hear
being alone it’s a sad time for some
for those like me, it’s always just one

there are three ways to end the turmoil he’s in
take the first step, make a life to begin
get some help, there are many ways
or scenario three, pull a Hemingway

loneliness is a depressing state that one puts themselves in
to have an excuse for not wanting friends
but without friends one cannot see
in order to have a forest you need more than one tree

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

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