Twofer Tuesday Poetry: The Haunting of Alamo Apartments & Ode to the Grave Digger

The Haunting of Alamo Apartments

One night
As I attempted to
Fall asleep
Swaying in
And out of
It felt like
Someone was hugging me
Laying on my stomach
I felt something on my back
I sat up and
Saw a figure
Standing next to me
I threw my arm out
To push it away
As I gasped
And moved off the bed
I turned on the light
Nothing was there
My mind playing tricks
Then I saw foot prints
In the carpet
Leading back to the closet
They faded
My feet and shoes
Never left foot prints
In the carpet
I apologized
To whomever they were
I only felt love
No malice or negativity
They never came back
But sometimes my towels
Are pushed to one side
On the rack

Ode to the Grave Digger

Grave Digger! Grave Digger!
Helping the departed
Shoveling, shoveling
The earth from the ground

So solemn and somber
The work you do for us
None want to trade with you
None want to hire you

Where then, my Grave Digger
Will my resting place be?
In a cemetery
Or near an ocean breeze?

Once again shoveling
Removing grass and dirt
The pine box is lowered
And covered in darkness

And seen last by the dead
Grave Diggers shoveling
Forever their remains
Entombed to rest in peace

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

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