Poetry Monday: Empty Desires

She knows how I stare
But says nothing
She will never
Look at me that way
I’m not her desire
But she is mine

Why does she put
Up with me
I may never know
Does she only enjoy
The attention
Am I being used

I see how she walks
And moves and bends
I dream of exploring
Her body with mine
Craving her touch
Making her excited

Hearing her heavy breaths
Her lips against mine
Sucking her tongue
Her legs around my waist
Do I crave her or
The touch of anyone

And there is the
Confusion with a crush
Do you want them
Or anyone
Are you just tired
Of feeling alone

What is this desire
For another
Person’s embrace
Why does its absence
Leave you feeling

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

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