Throwback Thursday Poetry: The Evil Tlea of the South Sea

the Sun shown bright upon the sea
it glistened and sparkled with glee
but near twilight it said to me
as i sat in my boat with three
“I bid you goodnight as I leave,
and warn you of the evil Tlea!
A creature of death that is He.
Your demise; by him it will be!”
the Sun’s grave warning we did heed
we sat perplexed, what did he mean
while He sank, we heard a strange scream
miles from home, the land of Smeeth
lost in thought of the evil Tlea
our death; by him would surely be

we sailed away on our wee boat
slowly losing all sense of hope
no land to see within my scope
we drifted on, we didn’t know
where we were or which way to go
the Moon called to us, “You there, Ho!
To be free, faster you must row.
Those pure of heart will make it home,
if you are not, Hell you will roam!”
another warning, this is so
but we still have not seen our foe
all these cautions but a no show
is this all real, how do we know
Tlea will not keep us from home

a noise rang out across the sea
the Moon had gone, too dark to see
“Who here wishes to pass by me?”
a cold, rough voice called from beneath
“To pass one must first be received,
by the great and all mighty Tlea!”
“Forgive us!”, i called out to He
“Did not mean to disturb your sleep!”
“You there the booming one who speaks,
I foresee your future is bleak.
Tonight your life I’ll take from Thee!”
“DO NOT TAKE ME!!”, i beg and plead
by morning the boat held just three
thanks to Tlea of the dark South Sea

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

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