Wacky Wednesday: October 21

There are some interesting things to discuss today. We have a new list of words to go through. Many of these in the coming weeks are insults for people. Some of them like our first word are obsolete. Abydocomist is a noun meaning a liar or sycophant who boasts of his falsehood. Does that sound like anyone we know in the USA? Next is another noun. Bedswerver refers to someone who is unfaithful to the marriage vow. Again, does this sound like anyone we know in the USA? Tell me what you think of this new list of words in the comments.

Today has many holidays attached to it. The first occurs on the Wednesday of the third business week in October. That’s a mouthful. That is Medical Assistants Recognition Day. There are several holidays that occur on the third Wednesday of October. Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce DayHagfish Day celebrating the odd-looking creature, and BRA Day which recognizes Breast Reconstruction Awareness for those who have had the reconstruction after a mastectomy. Today is also National Reptile Awareness Day and the most important day, National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day. Observe one or all of these days in whatever way you wish.

And try out those new words in conversation. I do not recommend that you accuse anyone with one of those two words. It might not go well after you define the words for others.

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