Tuesday Poetry: The Final Dam Breaks Destroying Everything

Tears are coming
Can’t show them here
Hide in the bathroom
Recite the mantra
Tears come anyway
Self-image shattered
What am I
Broken, damaged
Never felt codependent before
Never understood it before
The questions answered
Reasons why found
People never wanted my help
Or took advantage
Their silence was my sadness
Their silence wasn’t about me
I knew there was a lesson to learn
Before things would go right
I didn’t know it was this
What’s real, what’s in my head
All of it and none of it
What do I need
Who do I need it from
I once told you
If they’re important to you
They’re important to me
I’m important to you
It’s time for me
To be important to me
My love for you isn’t real
If I don’t love myself

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

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