The United States is the Worst Country

As I type this, the US is still counting votes in some states for yesterday’s election. What upsets me is the staggering amount of people who still voted for someone who has allowed 230,000 + people to die from Covid-19. They voted for someone who has allowed children to be separated from their families at the US/Mexico Border. Many have spoken out about this including representatives from the United Nations. However, no one has taken any action. This election has been too close for comfort. Why? Because the United States Citizens are terrible human beings.

Not everyone of us is like this, but the vast majority do not care about other people. They believe Covid-19 is a hoax. They believe the Earth is flat. They’re okay with people of color being murdered by police. Many people want to say that we shouldn’t judge others and should try to live in peace. These people do not want peace. They do not want change. They want to continue living with their privilege and murdering anyone who isn’t like them. This country is on the precipice of another civil war. Regardless of who wins this election, the losing side will fight back. 

What bothers me most is that the United Nations was created to help prevent such things from happening. The League of Nations was founded following World War I to prevent such things from happening again. It was disbanded after World War II because it had failed. The United Nations was then created. As awful things happen again, endangering the lives of people not just from our own country but our neighboring countries, the United Nations has strongly disagreed with US policies. To my knowledge that’s all they’ve done. Whether the United States embarks on another civil war or not, I believe the United Nations has failed just as its predecessor failed. 

The United States is the land of the free to die and the home of white supremacy.

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