Wacky Wednesday: November 4

Let the first wackiness of November begin. Actually, the world has been wacky for a long time now and I don’t see the wackiness dying. Our words today come as derogatory terms with which to insult people. (This post was written on Oct 28, so these insults may come in handy after election results are announced.) The first word is Cumberworld. A noun meaning a useless person or thing; someone who is an encumbrance on the world. The next word is Dalcop. Another noun meaning a particularly stupid person. Cop is an old word for head, so it literally means dull head.

We only have a few holidays to celebrate today. First, we have National Chicken Lady Day. This unusual sounding holiday honors Dr. Marthenia “Tina” Dupree. She worked at the second-largest chicken restaurant in the world as Director of Community Relations and Training. She did a lot for the community and that’s how she got her name. Look up more on the Chicken Lady. Today is also National Candy Day. I think this is celebrated only a few days after Halloween so people can sell the old candy. That’s just my opinion.

Finally, we have National Stress Awareness Day. This happens every first Wednesday in November. Probably intended to be the day after Election Day. And some might be feeling more stressed than usual. (Remember this post was written a week ago. See my post from earlier today to know my opinions.) The important thing is to not allow that stress to overwhelm you. Be aware that it exists and try to eliminate some of the minor stresses in your life. Sometimes keeping things wacky can help lower stress. Stay wacky folks.

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