What’s New Wednesday: December

For the blog this month it’s business as usual. Not too many new things going on. I do hope to have another serialized story finished in time to start posting around the middle of the month. It’s titled Yuletide Aviary so it would be nice to have the first post fall around Yule. I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s about birds who help Santa and the elves. These are very adult birds, so this is not a story for children. I’ll have more details about that story later this month as it’s mostly an outline for the moment.

In other news, I haven’t posted much to my Instagram this year and was considering scheduling poetry posts again. I think the last one was back in May. I haven’t decided if I want to start that soon or wait until the new year. I feel I should focus on stories rather than Instagram posts. There’s not much else to talk about. I’m hoping to have lots of new things for the new year, but I haven’t planned that far ahead yet. Some things are too far away to worry about planning for now. As always, if there’s something you would like to see on this blog, please leave a comment. I never know if people actually read these posts or just like them and move on. I’d love to get something other than spam in my comments.

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