Spiritual Literacy Month

December is Spiritual Literacy Month. What does this mean? The goal is to read one or more books about spirituality, faith, or religion. The observance was conceived to show respect to all beliefs by encouraging people to read spiritual texts from other faiths. It’s possible to be spiritual without being religious. Being spiritual means believing in a higher power without following the doctrine of any organized religion. I don’t identify with any religion. If I did, the closest one to my personal beliefs is Buddhism. I also believe Buddhism is a spiritual practice rather than a religion, but that’s my opinion.

Several years ago, I was ordained through the Universal Life Church. Many people become ordained to officiate weddings and ceremonies. This was not my goal. I wanted to further my spiritual understanding of myself. I use it as a reminder to continue pursuing a path of positivity and acceptance. I still have a long way to go on that journey. I encourage everyone to learn about another religion different from their own. Don’t listen to other’s opinions, read the information at the source. You may find that your religion is similar to many others. You may discover that all religions preach the same message.

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