Coffee and Contemplation: National Violin Day

I have always had the ambition of learning to play the violin. One day, I intend to buy one and learn to play. It’s low on my list or priorities at the moment but the dream hasn’t died. It’s a versatile instrument and transcends multiple musical genres from classical to hip hop to rock. It makes some cool sounds too. My desire to learn this instrument may have come from my interest in Sherlock Holmes. I also have a love for music and want to learn more about creating it. I did take a beginning piano class once but never pursued it further.

The earliest fiddlers were believed to be Turkic and Mongolian horseman. They played two-string upright fiddles using horsehair strings and bows. Even today, the bows are still made with horsehair. I’m curious how they obtain the horsehair and if the horse gives their consent. Violins haven’t changed too much since the 16th century although now we have electric violins which make different sounds. One day I’ll have time to focus on my musical desires and endeavors but for now, I’ll stick with writing the words. Is there any instrument you’ve always wanted to learn? Or do you already play an instrument?

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