Coffee and Contemplation: National Compliment Day

Today is National Compliment Day. Compliments are important to a child’s development and to someone’s self-esteem. Not only does it improve the receiver’s mood, but it shows that the other person noticed them. Compliments must be sincere. Often people can recognize when someone is being fake. Consider what you admire about someone. Acknowledging a new hair cut or new outfit is a good start. This is also a good way to connect with someone new. Maybe you have a new coworker, or a friend is introducing you to someone. Compliments can help make a good first impression.

The other side of this is being willing to receive compliments. I often don’t receive compliments well. I’ve been forcing myself to reply with thank you and nothing else. I’m trying to be more grateful. If you’re like me and struggle with positive feedback, just accept it and move on. And definitely to reply with something negative or a deflective joke. That was hard for me at first but I’m improving. Accept compliments and give them often. It’s also a good way to keep everyone in a good mood. You know what I would appreciate, compliments about my blog and my writing. Anyone have any feedback to offer?

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