Poem: Men Are Garbage

Men are Garbage –
It’s a simple statement;
It’s an honest statement.
Even the nice men,
The happy men,
The secure men,
Even men fighting for equality,
They, too, are Garbage.
I am Garbage –
They can work to
Not be Garbage, but
Men are Garbage –
Toxic men, and
Insecure men, and
Selfish men, and
Men who encourage other men,
Fuel this dumpster fire
Of Garbage men.
I don’t want to be Garbage, but
I am a man, so
I am Garbage –

James Pack examines masculinity and anxiety in “Men Are Garbage,” a book of poetry in which he reflects on childhood trauma and his time as a nightclub bouncer.

Available on Amazon in Kindle ($2.99) and Paperback ($6.99). Men Are Garbage by James Pack

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