Flashback Friday Poetry: Self-Inflicted Pain

somebody’s there
somebody swears
somebody cries
i love you

nothing is there
nobody cares
no one says
i love you

someone is with me
someone misses me
someone is screaming
i love you

no one is with you
nobody misses you
no one thinks
i love you

somewhere i’m wanted
somewhere i’m taunted
somewhere i hear
i love you

no place wants you
nothing taunts you
nothing sounds like
i love you

they all speak the truth
here is the proof
it happens all the time
so says my mind

they speak only lies
nothing can deny
they all have two faces
your mind is worthless

everything you believe
everything you achieve
means nothing

your mental shame

won’t take the blame
you’re the one
who caused the pain

you wish to stop the agony
you wish to stop the suffering
look inside yourself
and stop your mind from wandering

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

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