Poetry Monday: Where Do You Go When You Have Nothing and No One?

I had nowhere to go
So, I walked and walked
Until my entire body
Was numb or sore

I ran through a list
Of people I could call
But it was late
And feared no one was awake

I thought they wouldn’t answer
This happened once before
And no one responded
I felt displaced – 

I tried to sleep on a bench
My sore body hurt more
I tried to sleep on the grass
Until the sprinklers came on

I wandered about for a while
When I decided to go home
I first tried to sleep in my car
Cracked the window for air

But all I got were small bugs
Buzzing – buzzing – 
In my ears and everywhere
I gave in and finally

Walked into my darkened apartment
The bedroom door closed
Two months sleeping on this couch
What I wouldn’t give to be alone again

I woke up after others
But the bedroom door still closed
With the clothes from the night before
I left again to be anywhere but there

I sit in a library – stomach moaning for food
Transferring my thoughts and my pain
From my body to the ink to the paper
I just want to be alone

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

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