Wacky Wednesday: May 13

This is a new thing I’m trying. I haven’t fleshed out an exact concept for these kinds of posts. They may include some wacky stories. Things that sound absurd but are real. For now, I’ll share some wacky words. You can find these words in dictionaries. They have real meanings and some even have etymology for how they came to be. Some I had never heard of while others I use often in my everyday speech. There are several but today I’m only sharing a couple. Have you heard of these before? Tell me in the comments.

Lollapalooza: I’m certain most people are familiar with this word. It’s the name of an annual four-day music festival in Chicago, IL. The festival has been going on since 1991. Before 1991, the word already had meaning. It’s a noun meaning a person or thing that is particularly impressive or attractive. Another version of the definition says an extraordinary thing, person, or event. Do you know any people, books, events, movies, or songs you would call a lollapalooza? Try using it in a sentence next time you’re chatting with friends.

Sockdolager: This is a noun but is more slang and informal. It holds two meanings. It’s either a forceful blow or an exceptional person or thing. Its origin is said to be from the mid 19th century and may have evolved from the term sock. Anyone remember watching Laugh-In where they said, “Sock it to me!” as one of their many catchphrases? This phrase doesn’t roll of the tongue as well as lollapalooza but it’s still fun to say.

Do you know any other fun, wacky words? Leave them in the comments. I’ll try to have one or two new words each week.

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