Wacky Wednesday: June 24

This week’s Wacky Wednesday is a little light. We have a couple words as usual but only a couple holidays as well. Our first word is Edacious. An adjective meaning relating to or given to eating. One could say voracious or ravenous in its place. Our next word, Hoddy-Noddy, is a noun from long ago referring to a foolish person or a simpleton. The only holiday referring to food today is National Pralines Day. This day celebrates a confection made from nuts and sugar syrup. I could be wrong, but I think peanut brittle falls in that category.

And finally, we have National Parchment Day which falls on the last Wednesday of June every year. This is not in reference to paper for writing on, but the use of parchment in the kitchen. It helps infuse flavors and locks in moisture. Parchment is often used in traditional French cooking. Using parchment paper for cooking can also help reduce messes and cleanup when preparing meals. Search for recipes using parchment paper and try one at home today.

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