Wacky Wednesday: November 18

Wacky Wednesday is upon us again and today is a most interesting day. First, we have a couple interesting nouns. We continue our look at some old English insults with Drate-Poke. It refers to someone who drawls or speaks indistinctly. Driggle-Draggle, is a name for an untidy woman. These don’t roll of the tongue too well and it might be difficult to throw these into casual conversation. They’re still fun to say. Though this isn’t really a holiday, it should be known that today is Mickey Mouse’s Birthday. He first appeared in 1928. 

For our holidays today, we first have National Educational Support Professionals Day which falls on the Wednesday of American Education Week. These folks include secretaries, classroom aides, cafeteria workers, maintenance workers, bus drivers, etc. For our token food holiday, we have National Vichyssoise Day. Vichyssoise is made thick with pureed leeks, onions, potatoes, cream and chicken stock. Its traditionally served cold though sometimes is eaten hot. In the United States, Vichyssoise is pronounced: “vish – e – swaz.” Finally, we have National Princess Day. Celebrate with the Princess in your life.

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