Tuesday Poetry: Comfort Places

Sometimes it’s difficult to find
A comfortable place to work
You can’t afford to buy or rent
A private office and all the free
Public places are crowded
Crowds are bad when you have
Panic attacks and don’t like
People walking behind you
No desk lets you have your
Back to the wall so you
Can see when others approach you
Finding a quiet unoccupied room
Helps but your anxious that someone
Who reserved the room will find you
This is why living alone is important
This is why having a private office
Is important but few people
Can actually relate to your needs
They judge you, they pity you,
They feel bad for you, they do nothing
To understand why you struggle
So, you wander for 20 minutes
Looking for the best place to sit
And relax and get work done
Because you get more work
Done when you’re comfortable

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

One Reply to “Tuesday Poetry: Comfort Places”

  1. And then by time you manage to find a place that’s suitable in all ways…its time to get back to reality. Most people don’t even try to understand, I find that many really just don’t care why you need your chair situated with the wall behind you or away from crowded places

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