Wacky Wednesday: January 27

We are ending the month with some extra light wackiness. Our first old English insult is Scobberlotcher. This refers to someone who never works hard. It is believed to be derived from scopperloit and old dialect word for a vacation or a break from work. Skelpie-limmer refers to a badly behaved child. Coined by the Scottish poet Robert Burns from the old Scots word skelpie, meaning “misbehaving” or “deserving punishment.”

We have only one token food holiday today, National Chocolate Cake Day. This is the cake that most people prefer, and rumor has it has been around for a couple hundred years. The first chocolate cake recipe was published in 1847. The first chocolate cake is believed to have been made in 1765. Today is also Library Selfie Day, the fourth Wednesday of January. Arrange your collection of books and take a selfie with them. Then go to the library and look at their collections (assuming the library is open right now because of Covid-19). Or even go to the local bookstore and national bookstore. The point is celebrate books and libraries.

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