Wacky Wednesday: February 24

The final Wacky Wednesday of February is a little light. There isn’t much wackiness today. To continue our trek into the world of old English insults, we have Tallowcatch. Another of Shakespeare’s inventions directed at the gross, womanizing knight Falstaff in Henry IV, Part 1. It’s probably derived from “tallow ketch,” literally “a barrel of fat.” Our next word is Triptaker. This word refers to someone who is a finicky, fault-finding pedant, someone who nitpicks at every detail. You could say they have a problem for every solution.

For our wacky holidays this week, we have our token food holiday National Tortilla Chip Day. And that’s it. That’s the only holiday you need worry about today, and let’s be honest, you don’t need any other holidays because I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like tortilla chips. Tortilla chips came about in the 1940s when Rebecca Webb Carranza repurposed rejected tortillas from the automated line in her workplace. She would later receive the Golden Tortilla Award in 1994 for her exemplary contribution to the food industry. Try using the new insults you learned today while enjoying some tortilla chips in honor of Rebecca Webb Carranza. But maybe don’t insult people to their face or while chewing the chips.

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