Wacky Wednesday: March 3

Welcome to the first Wacky Wednesday of March. It’s a pandemic in March…again. We are on our second to last post about old English insults. I think you’ll enjoy these. First, we have Wandought. Wandoughty is an old word for impotence and wandought refers to a weak and ineffectual man. There are many of those in the world. Next, we have Whiffle-Waffle. This refers to an indecisive, time-wasting ditherer. There are many of those kinds of people too. You could even call someone who posts random nonsense, like words and holidays, a whiffle-waffle.

There are several holidays to celebrate today. For our token food and drink holidays, we have National Cold Cuts Day and National Mulled Wine Day. Cold cuts go by many names including deli meats, sandwich meats, and lunch meats. Mulled wine is usually made with heated red wine with various spices and fruits. Though not intended to celebrate a food, today is also National Soup it Forward Day. Learn more about this holiday that started a few years ago by the Soup Sisters. To sum it up, spread love and kindness with a bowl of soup.

Today we also celebrate National Anthem Day. March 3, 1931 is the day the “Star Spangled Banner” written by Francis Scott Key became the National Anthem of the United States. And finally, today we also celebrate National I Want You to Be Happy Day. It’s a simple as it sounds. Help spread joy and happiness in others. Try to see the happiness from the other person’s perspective. Genuine happiness requires effort. Sometimes everyone needs a little help or a boost to keep that happiness going. So, help out a stranger or a friend and spread some happiness.

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