Flashback Friday Poetry: The Poe Toaster

He came once a year
always bearing a Gift,
a bottle of Cognac and just three Roses.
into the graveyard,
so dark and dreary,
with a wide-brimmed black hat and a white scarf.
slithering in secret
and always alone,
only the Groundskeeper knew it was Him.
He offered a Toast
and drank in the Honor
of the man whom he did Admire.
a sign of Respect
to someone long passed
whose Birth was celebrated even after death.
so many years
this Tradition was followed,
getting public attention close to its end.
two hundred years,
the tradition ended
but spectators wanted it to go on.
now I offer to Him,
wherever He now toasts,
a Bottle of cognac and just Three roses.

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