Flashback Friday Poetry: Giants and the Arena

This is one of my favorite poems I’ve ever written. I believe it’s one of the best I wrote in my early writing days.

he awakes on the sand of My battlefield
disoriented much but he knows he’s been here
his Opponents await on the other side of the ring
They’ve been waiting for years for this boy to return
the boy is a man now braver and wiser
and stands without fear unlike he did before

for years subconsciously he’s feared My structure
the shrieking Crowd along My exterior
and the large colorless Demons from his dreams
it seems there is no moisture in the air
nothing to Smell nothing to Taste
as one overzealous Giant begins to charge

years past the child would have run on My sandy belly
but now he stands firm seeking a weapon in close proximity
a bloodstained Sword and Axe lay a few feet from him
and with great intent he seizes the iron Aides
he remembered the Giants from his nightmares
“they seemed larger then” he thought as the eager one fell

each of the giants fell harder than the one before
only the color of crimson Blood lay on the floor
this man had come back to settle a score
the Arena in His mind that i am no more
He returns to His world asleep in His bed
Knowing the giants will never wake from the dead

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

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