Throwback Thursday Poetry: Trapped in Society

lost in the fold of everyday life
can’t seem to find my Will tonight
such an interesting place inside
this Void i’ve created within my mind
all Words are lost in the Echo of Cries
the Echoes that shape my Place and Time
i can only wonder why i tried
after being captured by all the Signs

Captivating hunts down the Weary
they are the ones puzzled with a query
“Why am I here?” They cry while teary
no Thoughts in their head seek to be Cheery
the Fears in their Eyes from the Imaginary
their life has unfolded, oh, so unfairly
they seek to drag down all who are Merry
no Hope for all now; it’s far too scary

running from the commoners received
perched upon the icy Sleeve
of all those who could conceive
these Thoughts of mine that i believe
so many out there seek to deceive
it is the Truth i wish to retrieve
no Goals here have been achieved
how could i have been so naive

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

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