Poetry Monday: Meagles, Penses & Beazers…Oh My!

Here’s some nonsense poetry for your reading pleasure.

the tallest sray of a Meagle’s flay
is heard in Carperest Fowns
a Penses way with reagle clay
cannot keep his shrieving mown

with Penses and Meagles kept at bay
the Homelin can settle down
but with nothing else to lead away
the Limehon cannot be found

such is the way of the Beazer’s prey
the wish of not being found
but the Homelin isn’t led astray
and will bring that Beazer down

Meagles, Penses, Beazers and their prey
love the Limehon in the town
they hate the Homelin right to this day
for he wears the Human Crown

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