Through Hate They Took Power

This selection is from my forthcoming collection of poetry, Black Chaos. Click Here to Pre-Order. Visit the Black Chaos Page to learn more about the collection and see select reviews for the book as well as other purchase links to several platforms including Nook and iBooks. There will be a new poem from the collection every Saturday and Sunday in April in celebration of the book’s release and National Poetry Month. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Through Hate They Took Power

Every morning I wake
To some atrocity
The news would have us fear
Viruses – Violence – 
Tyranny – Fascism – 

Many want to believe
Things are getting better
Oppression awaits us – 
Every single person

Your white privilege makes
You the last target not – 
Free from the oppression
When you realize what the
Whole world is becoming
It’ll be too late to stop

There is a coup against
Us by the government
Will you submit or fight – 
Will you allow them to
Control and dominate

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