Serial Fiction Starts Next Week

If you follow me on social media, you have heard by now that I have a new segment coming to this blog. Serial fiction begins on Friday, October 2. I’ve written a short story and broken it into parts. I’m releasing one part each week through the end of November. That gives me plenty of time to start working on the next story to serialize on my blog. Each part will be short and quick to read. As new parts are posted, I’ll link them to previous posts and the previous post will get linked to the new post. 

Also, you’ll notice in the menu bar, a section where links to all the parts can be found. Check out the Serial Fiction Page to see the dates when all the parts are scheduled to post. This first serialization is titled HellPets. A Hellcat and a Hellhound learn to tolerate one another while working to guide and collect souls for the Underworld. They’re a spooky odd couple and they’re cute animals. What could go wrong? I hope to have many installments of these demon pets over the next couple of years. For now, this is chapter 1 starting next week. I hope you all enjoy.

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