Poetry Monday: The Underwater City of Pearl Part 1

A monster will be defeated by the righteous ones
With the help of a stranger from an unknown world
Through the eyes of the Prophet these things will be done

In a distant sea, beyond the horizon
Is a magical world full of illusion
Impossible to reach by a Mariner
Only those who are true and just may enter
But the path that one seeks is filled with danger
Over a thousand years since one has ventured
For centuries this wonder was lost to all
A prophecy of recent will make the call
The new legend predicts a young man will come
To conquer the obstacles with help from some
By the words of the Prophet, shall it be done

Come here boy I have something to tell you
It’s time you learned about a secret place
Full of wonder and enchantment beyond
The likes of which you may have never seen
Yes, yes monsters and magic all around
This is a place that can never be found
How is this place so easily hidden
Well it’s under water to begin with
They say this city has never been reached
At least not in the past ten thousand years
Only one who is worthy; pure of heart
Can cross the dangers that keep it apart
What dangers are there? I don’t even know
But you can bet your tail no one will live
Through the traps that hide a place so special
This amazing place no one can fathom
Everyone has something to imagine
An amazing place where the fish can speak
They swim on up and ask you for money
Such a wonderful place to go explore

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